Avios eStore
Avios eStore

Rewards Shopping Portal

We completely transformed a community platform site with poor usability and cluttered design in just a few weeks. A new design pattern and UI were applied - along with UX enhancements to the header, footer and key pages.

Research. Design. Test. Win.

We ran a series of What users Do (WuD) tests across the existing Avios eStore to identify common pain-points our users were experiencing. WuD is an online tool that records the users screen and verbal responses to the steps and questions outlined in the test.

The test concluded that the website was 'cluttered' and 'overwhelming' - particularly on the homepage and individual retailer pages. We addressed the user feedback in our designs, ran an AB test and bagged another win for the user.


The homepage was an overwhelming cluster of retailer logos and offers, as well as 'weak call-to-actions' (CTAs) and 'unclear controls'.

Our first design decision was to increase the site container from 1020px to a more commonly used 1280px - this naturally created more space and distinction between the retailers. This also allowed us to roll out our new pattern library and UI which introduced improved accessibility and clearer CTAs.

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Avios eStore individual retailer pages

Individual retailer pages

There was a real lack of focus on dedicated retailer space due to the vast amount of distracting and irrelevant content surrounding it.

We removed the unnecessary noise, re-jigged the information architecture and gave prominence to the reatiler name, earn rate and primary CTA. A modular approach was taken for the rest of the page to accommodate retailers with missing data - such as purchase contditions, brand summary and vouchers.

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How it works page

Similar to the individual retailer pages - the how it works section was compramised by ads, 'featured retailers' and vouchers. So we stripped them out and started afresh with a full-width canvas.

We refined the steps section with cleaner 'less shouty' icons, added examples of typical collection values and spend inspiration to better educate users.

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